Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Circumnavigator 001

I love creating mixes ... especially ones that showcase ambient music in all it's wonder and glory. I wanted, however, to create an upbeat mix ... one that showcases some of the fantastic post-rock, neo-classical and electronic artists that have and hold my attention.

In this, the first episode of the circumnavigator series, I feature the guitar-orientated sounds of Valerinne, Andre LaFosse, and Loraine ... the electronic sounds of Oathless, Stray Theories, Pink Logik, and Plum ... the neo-classical ambience of The Narrows (Detroit) and Neue ... the deliciously hybrid sounds of Tundra Vole ... and finish on a triumphant note from one of my favourite bands of all time ... Hammock.

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I do.


Please Note: There isn't an offline copy of this mix.

Name Artist Album
Messier Valerinne Kunstformen der natur
Twelve Sided Dice Andre LaFosse The Hard Bargain
While the City Sleeps Oathless Summer Haze EP
Weasel and the Eagle Tundra Vole Mint and Marigold EP
Everyone Falls Stray Theories Even Though We Sleep
Emporer Steamer The Narrows (Detroit) There's A Ghost In Me
Mars Neue The Planets
Heaven Loraine An Autumn Evening EP
Rainbow (Plum vs TeKlo) Plum Smile (Single)
Connect The Dots Pinklogik Random Access Memory
Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life Hammock Departure Songs

Monday, April 1, 2013

circumambient 005

Welcome to the fifth edition of circumambient.

This is our first edition on mixcloud and I hope it will become the home for our regular explorations into all-encompassing and immersive ambient music.

In this episode, we hear from Benjamin Dauer, Fontaine, Chronotype Project, Broken Harbour, Linear Bells, Ophion, Cousin Silas, & Daniel Robert Lahey.

The output from underground labels - Twice Removed Records, Relaxed Machinery and Free Floating - continues to impress me and they have feature heavily on this podcast. In addition, Inner Ocean has captured my attention for the first time... providing me with a greater pool in which to dive within. In my opinion, independent ambient music has never sounded this good... and I am proud to showcase the music featured here.

An MP3 version of this podcast is available here - circumambient 005 - to download right click on link as select 'save as'.


Name Artist Album Label
CircumAmbient Theme #1
Waiting for the Rain
Cousin Silas
Benjamin Dauer
The Pace Of Which
Twice Removed
Weirdo Haze Fontaine Weirdo Haze Inner Ocean
L'Avenue du Ciel Chronotope Project Chrysalis Relaxed Machinery
Between The Darkness And The Light Broken Harbour The Geometry of Shadows Relaxed Machinery
Purple Night (Feat. Endless Melancholy) Linear Bells Esther Twice Removed
By Your Side Ophion Sacrosant Twice Removed
Lament for Enitewok Cousin Silas Whispers Fall Free Floating
Peaceful Daniel Robert Lahey Tonalchemy Free Floating