Hello. My name is Thomas. I blog over at Headphonaught.co.uk and I run a wee non-commercial netlabel called weareallghosts.

Circumambient is my latest project. It's about all-encompassing and immersive music.

My goal is to celebrate the oceans of sound that surround us and showcase the wonderful independent artists and netlabels that act like tributories... feeding these seas with their streams of aural delight.

I want to showcase all the awesome independent music I have discovered on netlabels and bandcamp. I do not intend to make anything from this series... other than to improve my graphic design skills and to share music that I love. These are personal mixes that I want to open up to my friends through out the interwebs.

I intend for these mixes to be a regular thing... every couple of weeks or so... with the possibility of bringing in 'guests' for a sub-series of mixes entitled Circumnavigator.

The thing is... I do not want do this without the permission of the artists involved. I can't pay to license music and want to fully respect the rights of artists as creators. I want to give back to the communities that I am part of by doing this... by putting out these mixes in the hope that some folks will hear this music that wouldn't normally do so.

A number of artists put their music out on "creative commons" and I am grateful that I can reuse their music without any intentional permission being given. But there are others... whose music I love and want to feature... that have reserved their rights and I want to respect that.

I am therefore grateful to labels such as Relaxed Machinery and Twice Removed for their support... to the Complex Silence series and independent artists like Good Weather for an Airstrike, Jeff Scott Townsend and Swartz_et for their blessing... and will actively work to ensure I do this right.

If you would like your music featured... please let me know. Email me at headphonaught at gmail dot com or tweet me @crcmambient.

I hope you enjoy your dive.


PS this podcast isn't affiliated with the photoblog :: circumambient.tumblr.com :: but now that I've found it... I do like to dip in and would recommend you do too.

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