Sunday, September 14, 2014

circumambient 023 ... guest mix by Cousin Silas

circumambient 023 ... (right click your mouse and choose "Save As" to download the Podcast)

"...celebrating the oceans of sound that surround us!"


circumambient ... an exploration into all-encompassing and immersive independent music. In this instalment we feature more music from Cousin Silas - this time focussing on his darker, more atmospheric soundscapes from his releases on fine netlabels  such as Acustronica, Just Not Normal, BFW, Earth Monkey, Earthrid, Aural Films and my own - weareallghosts. The mix also includes a previously unreleased track, right at the end.

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All tracks by Cousin Silas ...

01. The Decay Of Concrete - Canaveral Dreams > Acustronica
02. The Tunnel Was Blacked by Something - Uncertainty > Just Not Normal
03. Dereliction - The Snow Imposed Silence > BFW
04. The Sealing Of The Pothole - The Path Between The Trees > weareallghosts
05. Observation (Day 7) - Dealey Plaza - Ballard Landscapes > Earth Monkey
06. Into The Dark Part 4 - Into The Dark Volume 1 > weareallghosts
07. Testing The Blood - The Melting Static > Earthrid
08. The Lower Field On Ebbets Farm - Adrift Off The Islets Of Langerhan > Earthrid
09. Into The Dark Part 11 - Into The Dark Volume 1 > weareallghosts
10. Slow Motion Disintegration - Ballard Landscapes IV > Aural Films
11. Deer Hill Bunker - Unreleased in this form