Tuesday, November 27, 2012

circumambient 004

circumambient 004 (To download right click on link as select 'save as')

Welcome to the fourth edition of circumambient... a regular exploration of all-encompassing and immersive music.

In this episode, we hear from Fontaine remixed by Ben Moon, Steve Brand, Good Weather For An Airstrike, Micromelancolie remixed by Benjamin Dauer, Broken Harbour, Andrew Lahiff, Leonardo Rosado, Endless Melancholy, Swartz et, The Narrows (from Detroit) and Neue.

The output from Twice Removed and Relaxed Machinery continues to impress me ... and they both feature heavily on this podcast ... as do self-released tracks. Independent music has never sounded this good.

I'm also grateful to my dear friend Cameron Laird whose photo graces the cover of this edition ... Instagram is an awesome resource.




Circumambient Theme #4 Cousin Silas N/A
Atomised (Ben Moon Remix #4) Fontaine Delays Twice Removed
Sunprints (the space where you used to be) Steve Brand Sunprints Relaxed Machinery
Thinking Of You Good Weather For An Airstrike Lights Sound In Silence
Gravity Boat (Benjamin Dauer's Set Adrift Mix) Micromelancolié Gravity Boat Editions Twice Removed
Luminosity Broken Harbour The Geometry of Shadows Relaxed Machinery
Almost Dawn in the Valley Andrew Lahiff Inner Worlds Returning Relaxed Machinery
Variation in white #1 Leonardo Rosado A Long White Sleep Laverna
Carpe Diem Endless Melancholy Before, After Twice Removed
Night Ships Swartz et Nighttide Self Released
You're Beautiful, Like a Mayfly The Narrows (Detroit) There's A Ghost In Me Self Released
Pluto (bonus track) Neue The Planets Self Released


  1. hmm did something go wrong in the encoding process? it seems like everything is in mono..

  2. Hey Travis... thanks for your comment. I wasn't aware there were any problems. Downloaded a version and its working fine for me. Haven't heard from anyone else that there's a problem. Sorry for any hassle, mate ... but it was encoding in stereo with GarageBand ... unless I'm missing something.

    1. I checked again and even downloaded again and although it says it's a 320kbps/stereo mp3, it's definitely all in mono.. no idea what's going on there! oh well.. nice selection anyway, some really good tracks you picked