Wednesday, January 8, 2014

circumambient 007

Hey everyone ...

After a considerable hiatus, I'm back to celebrate truly immersive ambient electronic music.

In this instalment we feature a number of tracks from the recent end-of-year compilation from my netlabel weareallghosts ... deep tracks from Cousin Silas, Crows Labyrinth and Microvolt, Scott Lawlor, Jack Hertz, Ade Hodges, Mystified, and Kevin Lyons.

I hope you will enjoy their music as much as I have.

An MP3 version of this podcast is available here - circumambient 007 - to download right click on link as select 'save as'.

Dive deep!


1. Circumambient Theme no3 by Cousin Silas
2. Landscapes In Ice by Cousin Silas
3. We Are All Space Dust Anyway by Crows Labyrinth & Microvolt
4. Drone For Organ And Clarinet by Scott Lawlor
5. The Particle Elements of Enchanted Birds by Jack Hertz
6. A Floaty One For Thomas by Ade Hodges
7. Holiday Cadence by Mystified
8. Another Year by Kevin Lyons
9. The Far Distance by Cousin Silas

All taken from ..​​​.​​ending the year on a high 2013 (waag_com002)

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