Monday, August 11, 2014

circumambient 021 (guest mix from Dave Gerard)

circumambient 021

"...celebrating the oceans of sound that surround us!"


circumambient ... an exploration into all-encompassing and immersive independent music. In this instalment we feature a guest mix from Dave Gerard, a musician and composer, who has been recording his particular style of ambient electronic soundscapes since 1984. Gerard has prepared a sampler from his illustrious musical career that will act, to some, as an introduction and to others, a reminder of his work.

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Please Note:
Fans in the US will not be able to stream via MixCloud due to their one-size-fits-all approach to mixes with more than 4 tracks from the same artist. I am currently working to see if they will change their mind ... but am not holding my breath.



All tracks by Dave Gerard
01) "Prescience" taken from the album, "Moog Opus No.1"
02) "Part III" taken from the album, "A Conspiracy Of Planets"
03) "Oasis" taken from the album, "Music From The Pillars Of The Saints"
04) "Galaxie I & II" taken from the album, "Music For Planetariums"
05) "Pale Horizons" taken from the album, "The Realm Of Knowing"
06) "A Safe Place" taken from the album, "Etheria"
07) "Lucid Dreaming" taken from the album, "The Dream Chamber"
08) "Filigree And Shadow" taken from the album, "Filigree And Shadow"

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